Segmentation will make you run more effective ads & campaigns

Whether your brand runs Google ads, Facebook ads, retargeted ads, or email campaigns, the power of data is in your favor. With segmentation, you can laser-focus your messaging, adjust your offers, and market to the right people according to their behavior and actions. As an example, you may push people to a custom audience and communicate with them based on past order history. On the budget side, you will benefit by spending more money on audiences that respond vs those that don’t respond and generate valuable ROI based reporting.

“The person that’s bought more than once is more likely to buy a fourth and fifth time, than the person who’s only bought once”


Tips to improve segmentation

  • It’s ok to start by making wild guesses about possible segments, but the key is to test, rinse and repeat. Here are a few ideas: ( What product did they purchase, how frequently do they purchase, haven’t purchased in the last 90 days, they bought three or more times in a particular category).
  • Create a segment for customers that have bought more than once in a particular category and run ads to that category page instead of your homepage.
  • If you run ads for segmented or lookalike audiences and don’t yet have their contact info, direct them to a landing page that contains a lead capture form instead of sending them directly to a product category.
  • With email marketing software such as Drip or Klaviyo, assign lead scores for your customers based on how many times they’ve purchased and run different campaigns for each score tier.
  • Allocate higher budgets to audience segments that respond better and scale what works only.
  • Don’t set it and forget it. If an ad for a particular audience isn’t working after 5 days, stop sending it and tweak the messaging. Also, consider removing those people from the audience and send them to a new one with a different campaign.
  • Make sure your new product newsletters use segmentation, don’t just send the newsletter to everybody.
  • Personalize and set up dynamic content in your emails based on what the audience has shown you they want to hear.
  • What matters most isn’t your email list size but the possible ways to divide that list into targeted segments.

“Cheetah Digital found that unique click rates lifted more than 45% for promotional emails containing a personalized subject line.”


I’d like to know if your brand has tried any of these techniques and what results have you gotten. I also recommend checking out this resource about how email drives store revenue.