Is your product memorable and shareable?

How can you make sure your brand stands out when consumers are flooded with messages from all angles at all times? Here’s how: By being memorable.

In 2018, Land Rover celebrated its 70th Anniversary with a cinematographic piece that deconstructs the key elements of a brand story. Such elements include a hero, a problem, a goal, a solution, a reward, and of course a villain. “The Land of Land Rovers”, places the main character literally “in the driver’s seat” and exposes him to great perils in the journey to reach his goal. The campaign beautifully weaves facts and emotions, teaching us a few valuable marketing lessons:

  1. The best stories are not your own.
  2. Feelings sell more products than anything else.
  3. Emotional marketing helps people decide with their hearts.
  4. People love to share stories that make them feel something.

It’s important to note that the brand is NOT the hero in the Land Rover story, instead the brand acts as a helper and a guide. People don’t want products but what such products can help them accomplish. Emotion seals the deal.